Fur the Love of PAWS Rescue

Fur the Love of PAWS is passionately dedicated to saving animals in need at the North Platte Animal Shelter as well as animals within the community, by rescuing, providing veterinary care, fostering and finding forever homes through a process committed to making sure our rescues' next home, is their last home.

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Fur the Love of PAWS Rescue provides vital services to the unwanted, abandoned, neglected and abused. We are a rescue resource for the North Platte Animal Shelter, helping to network the animals there and help provide veterinary care and much more for this city funded, animal control shelter. We take pictures and videos of the adoptables, give them ID tags for their kennels and help with assessments of the animals, to help them find homes. If an animal is ill, injured, not acclimating well, or the shelter gets full - we are there to help those animals so they get a second chance, when they normally might not. Our mission is to save every adoptable animal from our local city shelter and give them the second chance they deserve.
Every Friday we take a shelter pet on the news to reach even more and educate about responsible pet ownership and care.
In January 2017, we opened the doors to North Platte's first rescue facility - the Fur the Love of PAWS FURcility. This one-of-a-kind facility helps us to focus on saving even more felines from the animal shelter, instead of transporting them out to other areas with the same overpopulation problem. We rescue strictly from the city shelter and focus on medical and behavioral rehabilitation. We strive to help the animal become healthy, happy and adoptable and help them find the perfect homes.
We are an all volunteer organization whose primary purpose is to help the animals who enter the North Platte Animal Shelter. We have helped to save every adoptable animal in that shelter over the past 7 years and plan to continue this mission and to continue to bring even more resources to the animals in our community, such as our Barn Cat Program for feral cats and more.
We provide a second adoption option for North Platte and surrounding communities to help link them with healthy pets that fit their family, which helps pets stay in their homes and out of shelters. Fur the Love of PAWS is passionately dedicated to saving the animals in our community and will continue to grow as an organization to continue to help our animals and our community.
We also cooperate the North Platte Pet Food Pantry, run a recycling program called Cans for Critters and operate Lost Paws, a networking page to help reunite lost/found pets with their owners.