Autism Society of Nebraska - North Platte Area

Autism Society of Nebraska seeks to improve the lives of Nebraskans affected by autism, including residents of North Platte and Lincoln County, Nebraska.

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How We Improve the Lives of Nebraskans:

- We facilitate programs that educate Nebraskans.
- We host support groups and events that serve Nebraskans on the spectrum and their family members and caregivers.
- We advocate in Lincoln for all Nebraskans on the autism spectrum and their families.
- We provide information and referral services to Nebraskans week after week, many of whom are recently diagnosed, under-resourced, or in crisis.

When you make a gift to Autism Society of Nebraska (ASN) - or even when you purchase a ticket to one of our Walks - you can rest assured that ASN's resources are spent on products and services that are sold by Nebraska businesses and individuals. When we grant money through our granting programs, we give only to families that are living in Nebraska, just like us.

ASN seeks to improve the lives of people affected by autism in Lincoln County and surrounding areas through information & referral services, education, advocacy, and community-building events, such as Kidstock Carnival at D & N Event Center on March 17, and social meetups like autism-friendly pool parties in the summer.

In 2018-19, the North Platte Support Network of Autism Society of Nebraska seeks to build upon its local Lincoln County-based network of volunteers and explore the possibility of creating a support group for individuals on the spectrum and their families, much in the style of what is in place in the other Autism Society of Nebraska support network cities of Scottsbluff, Grand Island, Norfolk, Lincoln, and Omaha.

All dollars raised through North Platte Giving Day will remain restricted to programs and events in Lincoln County.

We love and welcome people who come visit us from other states and we will never turn away new people in need from our support networks, but our mission and our values demand that we direct our resources to our neighbors who navigate life on the spectrum.